The purpose of this page is to advocate in support of Gabriel Leonard, Sr.

A single father and businessman who has been

illegally detained and incarcerated since 2013.


     Gabriel has consistently maintained his innocence despite the waves of attacks on his character and reputation stemming from the falsehoods he endured from a romantic relationship he tried to get out of. After dumping his former romantic partner, a white female, a dispute over reimbursement for his damaged property escalated into vengeful false accusations that resulted in a (four) Felony count wrongful conviction and 24 year sentence. It’s been revealed that these lies were told with the specific intent to:

1. Exact revenge against him for quitting the relationship and demanding money owed for damaged property; and

2. To weaponize the racial disparity that exist when a black man is opposite a white female accuser. His initial pre-trial defense was severally damaged by a public defender who deliberately stalled the investigation and withheld favorable material evidence from him.

After notifying two different judges of these illegal antics; each judge refused to uphold their duty to investigate and report the problematic attorney; and instead, forced Gabriel to represent himself.


The issue was exacerbated when he was denied the additional time he needed to financially secure a private lawyer. Due to his lack of legal counsel and the forms of evidence needed to prove innocence, he was convicted by an all-white jury.

   Demonizing local officers of the court is of no interest to this cause. The mission is to bring awareness to the numerous constitutional rights violations and systemic racism Gabriel has suffered and demand the following (including but not limited to):

  1. Immediate release with vacation of sentence/expungement (and/or) re-trial with all evidence, witnesses and effective attorney for his defense.

  2. Disbarment of Alice K. Wasson with Investigation/Audit of the caseloads of this former public defender focusing on : deliberate evidence suppression, Professional Misconduct, legal malpractice, Confirmation Bias and U.S. Constitutional violations.

  3. Disbarment and investigation of Ashleigh Atchison-Ragner/Megan Litecky for Prosecutorial Misconduct and malicious prosecution.

  4. Prosecution of accuser for perjury in swore statements and testimony at trial under oath.

  5. Prosecution of KCPD officers: Trent Finnell/Andrew Uptegrove for perjury at trial under oath.

  6. Disbarment of Judges: Patrick W. Campbell/James D. Youngs for Judicial Impropriety and

    Unethical Protocol.

​   Public defender (Wasson Mo Bar#56314) has a previous judgement and admonishment for professional misconduct and jointly suppressing favorable evidence from a defendant in collaboration with a prosecutor.



This gives reason to believe there’s a pattern to be uncovered with her caseload. The prosecutors (Ashleigh A. Atchison-Ragner Mo Bar#63694 Megan Litecky) willfully litigated in opposition of mitigating evidence and used false testimonies to secure conviction.

   Attached is a detailed non-fiction account of all that transpired over the last 8 years. Hopefully, by publicly exposing and rectifying this grave error Gabriel will be exonerated.


Please Read Entire Attachment and Signed Petitions for his immediate release.